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Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer / Grow

 We’re expecting a little pumpkin sometime in October.View full post »

Kimberly Barnes Photography | Ohio Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I’ve been putting this blog post off for a few weeks now, ever since we heard the news. Partly out of denial,View full post »

Unlocked Boudoir | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

Today is a special day. One, because it’s Valentine’s Day – a day solely dedicated to love. Chocolate candyView full post »

Coming Soon… | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

I’ve tried to be patient. Really, I have. The fact that I’m about to share something with you that I’View full post »

Five Years Later | Personal

On June 17th, 2006, I put on a sparkly white dress and said goodbye to my single years, pledging my life and my love toView full post »

Today | Personal

Today is a special day for me. Because every year on this day, I get to celebrate the life of a woman who’s taughtView full post »

Merry Christmas! | Nashville Photographer at Opryland Hotel

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, both because it’s the season of giving (and cookies and baking andView full post »

Welcoming Change | Personal

I’ve never been a huge fan of change. Sometimes it seems like just when you get comfortable, change comes along. IView full post »

Finding Myself | Personal Reflection

Who am I? That’s really an age-old question, isn’t it? One’s self is not easily defined, nor is itView full post »

Sorting Through the Aftermath | Personal Reflection

For anyone who still hasn’t heard (and I’m still amazed at the number of people who haven’t or who donView full post »

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