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Photographers Redefined | Photography Resources

Jamie and I just got back from Jamaica this week and I’m sitting here trying to figure out where to start. I’View full post »

Lauren + Adam | Nashville Engagement Photographer

This was a moment I’ve been waiting over a year for. From the first day Lauren sat down in the office chair acrossView full post »

Lauren + Doug | Franklin Couples Photographer

Doug knew Lauren was the one after only dating for about a month.  It’s something he kept to himself for aView full post »

Contessa + Avern | Nashville Couples Photographer

I had only spoken with Contessa over the phone before I met her and her fiancé, Avern, for their engagement shoot, butView full post »

Andy + Kayla Sneak Peek | Nashville Engagement Photographer

Proposals in general are awesome. Public surprise proposals are event better. Public surprise proposals in front of 15View full post »

Brian + Alisha | Michigan Couples Photographer

There’s something truly magical about snow. It makes everything so much more surreal and absolutely a “View full post »

Sneak Peek | Brian + Alisha

We just returned from a snowy visit to Michigan and I couldn’t wait to get through these images. You’ll haveView full post »

Marcy + Nathan | St. Charles Missouri Couples Photographer

Marcy and I were destined to be friends. Really, we were. In fact, the other day I told her that if it wasn’t forView full post »

Leslie and Mike | Spring Hill Couples Photographer

I love any excuse to capture sweet moments between couples with my camera. For Leslie and Mike, the reason was simple.View full post »

Lee and Ann | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Jerry Maguire said it first. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The moment in the movie where Tom CruiseView full post »

Adam and Lauren | Franklin Couples Photographer

I find it interesting how time and time again love seems to weave its way into people’s lives when they leastView full post »

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