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What’s Your Resolution? | Contest

Tonight, the clock will ring midnight and people across the world will celebrate; some with fireworks, some arm-in-armView full post »

Merry Christmas! | Nashville Photographer at Opryland Hotel

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, both because it’s the season of giving (and cookies and baking andView full post »

Baby Rigg | Spring Hill Newborn Photographer

A new baby is always reason enough to be thankful. However, this little bundle of precious joy arrived on ThanksgivingView full post »

SHHS Snowball Formal | Columbia Event Photographer

A freshman’s first formal dance is practically a rite of passage for a teenager. I was so honored to be asked toView full post »

Brian + Alisha | Michigan Couples Photographer

There’s something truly magical about snow. It makes everything so much more surreal and absolutely a “View full post »

Alisha | Michigan Portrait Photographer

If you’re a reality t.v. junkie like me, you’ve probably watched ABC’s show True Beauty, where theView full post »

Arlington National Cemetery | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

We couldn’t leave Washington D.C. without paying our respects to those servicemen and women who gave their livesView full post »

National Zoo | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

When I heard that the girls wanted to go to the zoo, I just had to chime in. Me, me, oh me too, please! I just loveView full post »

Washington D.C. | Travel Photographer

For two people who don’t travel much, Jamie and I certainly did our share of it this year. Thanks to the generousView full post »

Sneak Peek | Brian + Alisha

We just returned from a snowy visit to Michigan and I couldn’t wait to get through these images. You’ll haveView full post »

The Tankersleys | Spring Hill Children’s Photographer

I met Melissa via a mutual friend while researching for a photo shoot location. She provided the perfect place: herView full post »

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